Saturday, May 16, 2009

801st Post - Cottage Living

I meant to get up early this morning. 430 comes early. But I messed up and slept in an extra hour. The plumber was gonna be at the cottage by 9 to turn on the water. It was more than a. 2 hour drive. A small window.

Threw on clothes. Tricked the cat into his carrier. Stuffed stuff into a suitcase. Loaded the car with those things plus some food plus a couple of vhs tapes and dvds. Mailed a letter for my father. It was now just past 6.

Picked up Patricia. Loaded the car with her things. Got coffee. Hit the road.

We got here around 840. We were just putting the food away when the plumber showed up at 9. Took buddy and his son 2 hours to do their thing.

Took a nap after they left. Got up and drove into town for lunch and more groceries. Got back here a few hours later and took another nap for a few hours.

Yes! The annual cottage sleeping sickness is back!

Tonight Patricia is watching "Ugly Betty" while I have thumbed the last 2 posts.

Tomorrow will try to mow the lawn.

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