Monday, May 18, 2009

803rd Post - Fifth Day

Our last day at the cottage. We return to the city in the morning.

Slept in this morning. Big surprise.
Watched a couple of movies today. "Tropic Thunder" is a comedy directed by Ben Stiller that he must have thought was pretty funny at one point. It was a little overblown as the filmmakers tried to make us believe that these actors didn't realize that they were in a movie when they were not.

Much better was "Wall-E". We wish we had seen this one in theaters.

Saw the season ender of "24" just now. It was a nice, understated finale. There are enough threads to carry over to next season (Did Renee kill Alan Wilson? Will Kim's attempt to save Jack work? Why is President Taylor's security so hell bent on picking up Wilson? Has President Taylor's family deserted her?) to keep me wondering all summer. And while I understand Tony Almeida's motivation I don't buy it. No thinking person would.

Off to bed. Big day tomorrow.

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