Tuesday, May 19, 2009

804th Post - Sixth Day

I am back in the city. Nice to be back.

We awoke at the cottage this morning. Loaded the car. Tracked down Newbie, who had hidden in one of the bedrooms. Little so-and-so hid under a bed, so I removed the mattress and box spring, just in time for him to slink off to another corner underneath a chair and some other things. I placed barriers to prevent him from going back to the bed, removed the chair, scooped him up, and placed him in his carrier.

We had lunch at Sharon's Place in the town of Pictou. From there, it was back to the city, where we arrived around 2:30. I showered and shaved and changed my clothes and came down here to my home office, where I composed questions for two of the interviews I'll have later on this week. One of them is to a long-time radio broadcaster; the other is to a long-time newspaper columnist who retired earlier this year. I am delighted that both of them have agreed to sit down with a lowly blogger like me.

It is back to work tomorrow morning. Woohoo! I have been off work for six days, and while I have enjoyed the time off, I am looking forward to returning to work. I am one of those weirdos who like their job. One of the 15% or so of people who like getting up in the morning and going to work. My bosses have created a fun, exciting environment in which we can excel. I am consistently given interesting, challenging tasks to perform, and work hard to achieve them. Time away from work ultimately saddens me, as it means time away from this wonderful workplace!

Why, yes! My boss reads this blog. Why do you ask?


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