Friday, May 22, 2009

807th Post - Thanks For The Support

Say hello and goodbye to my work chair. I have had it ever since I started working here in 2007. It has been a home for me sorry arse for quite a while now, but I received a new chair in the last few minutes, and there's is no looking back. The new chair offers much more support for my back and is a darker blue, so it matches my eyes, which is important to me. I mean, if you have to sit in a chair at your work for hours upon hours, wouldn't you want it to match your eyes? Come on. Be honest.

I'll post a pic of my new chair, soon. Just promise you won't be jealous.



theajthomas said...

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Bevboy said...

AJ, you know me too well!

A new laptop for work would be very nice indeed.

Have I ever told you the story about how my boss, Kevin, once saved a baby from a burning building? I am in awe of this man!