Saturday, May 23, 2009

810th Post - The Best Day of my Life!

Say hello to my new friend and new Blog reader Wayne Harrett. He is the general manager, program director, chief bottle washer, and so much more, at Seaside FM in beautiful Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. He also runs this website about local radio.

Wayne has his finger on the pulse in local radio in a way I can only hope to emulate. While I listened intently to every moment of the Q104 25th anniversary radio reunion six months ago, Wayne was there in studio, taking multitudes of pics. I'd go on about this man, but the few shreds of my remaining dignity would disappear. I need them. After all, I am gonna get married sooner rather than later.

Patricia and I went to the radio station to interview someone for this blog. Never mind who. You'll see soon enough, right after I transcribe the full 2 hours of material I recorded this afternoon. But it's a major "get", and I "got" it because of Wayne. I hereby publicly thank Wayne for his many kindnesses this afternoon, from the bottle of water I consumed to the use of his executive office, to the tour of the station, to letting me pretend to read the news for him. Maybe, just maybe, next time it won't be pretend, Wayne? Maybe? Pretty please?

This day was wicked awesome for Patricia and me. We had lunch in Timberlea before we got cleaned up and drove over to the station, which is quite a distance from my home.

I blush to admit that I had never been to Eastern Passage before. My God, what a beautiful place! We kept kicking ourselves for not having been there before. Fisherman's Cove is a little community unto itself, with a couple of "streets" of these little shanties that contain stores. There are also full-fledged restaurants there, one of them being called Boondocks, which is where we had a lovely dinner tonight after the visit to Seaside FM.

During dinner I ventured to Patricia that Eastern Passage might be a really nice place to move to. Since she didn't attack me with her salad fork, I figure she agrees with me. Timberlea is starting to wear on me a bit, anyway. Ever since the break-in 2 years ago, and the murder of Paula Gallant, this place hasn't made me feel very comfortable.

But enough of this negative stuff. I got to spend hours and hours interviewing a famous radio legend. I got a tour of a cool radio station. I got to pretend to read the news. We discovered a beautiful part of the Halifax Regional Municipality we hadn't known about. I got a free bottle of water. I got a decal. A business card. A little Seaside FM teddy bear. A great meal at Boondocks. Frig, what else could cap off this wonderful, wonderful day?

OK, besides that!

This is a family blog, you know!


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