Sunday, May 24, 2009

811th Post - What? What Did You Say?

Stayed up until quite late last night. I was keyed up after the wonderful day in Eastern Passage. I didn't want the day to end. Besides, I went to a fleamarket Saturday morning and purchased a dvd player for five dollars and had to put it through its rounds.

It is one of those supremo el cheapo dvd players. "Vivo" is the brand name, and a kewpie doll and a big kiss if you have heard of that manufacturer before, 'cuz I sure ain't. But the interesting thing about those low end machines is that they are manufactured "generically", by which I mean that they are often the models that play dvd's from multiple regions. Sure enough, when I put in a Region 1 disc last night, it didn't play. There was a button on it that switched between ntsc and pal formats, so I am happy to report that this dvd player will handle discs recorded in PAL format too. I don't have any such things, but if I am looking on ebay for an obscure dvd sometime, (some Swedish porn perhaps, or German folk dancing, or maybe even a documentary about sausage making in Luxembourg), then I now have a machine to play it on. I'm pumped!

Patricia and I had lunch out today before returning to her place to watch the season ender of "Dancing with the Stars". It was probably our favourite season of the show. The dancing was exciting, the women more beautiful than ever, the clothing even less plentiful in previous years, and that's saying something.

We would have preferred to have Melissa win. The second choice would have been Gilles. But that little kid Shawn won. She is a nice girl and everything, but not in the league of the other two.

You know, I am simultaneously transcribing 4 interviews for this blog. You want interviews, you're gonna get them, folks. Keep your eyes peeled, whatever that means. Just do it. Just do this one thing for me. Please.


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