Tuesday, May 26, 2009

814th Post - Things in Halifax That Just Don't Make Sense, Part Three

Welcome to the third edition of Things in Halifax That Just Don't Make Sense, or the TIHTJDMS feature. It is done irregularly, when I have found something I want to write about that warrants the above titie.

You'll notice that the title has been changed to reflect more accurately the actual name of the feature. Post 777 and the the other one, here, have titles that differ from what I want this feature to be called. Ironically enough, the post title didn't make sense. Ha ha.

This time I am going to discuss the Town Clock, or The Old Town Clock as everyone calls it.

See the clock face? When I took this picture a couple of weeks ago I was at the Grand Parade facing up Carmichael Street. I used my camera's maximum optical zoom to get as close as I could. It's still hard to read the correct time, though, isn't it?

Compare that with the picture I took of one of the clocks on Old City Hall; a picture of that is close to this paragraph. You can easily see what time it is.

Time was, and for many, many years, you could see what time it was on the Old Town Clock practically from the other side of the city. As long as you had line of sight to the clock, you could tell what time it was.

Citadel Hill and its environs are owned by Parks Canada, a federal institution. They "let us" roam around the hill, but they could potentially kick us off at any time. I'd like to see them try. But around 13, 14 years ago, some historically correct people there decided to have the town clock's face colours go back to what they had been in the early years of the city when it was first constructed. Rather than have it remain the way the city hall clock looks now, they decided to go backward to what it had been a long time ago. Doesn't matter that this flies in the face of common sense. Doesn't matter that now you can hardly see what friggin' time it is unless you're standing under the clock on a dull day and look up, hopefully. Doesn't matter what people think. It comes down to repeating the mistakes of history.

Face it: The Old Town Clock's "new" colours just don't make sense.

Next thing that doesn't make sense: I'm not sure. I haven't found my muse for the fourth post in this series yet.


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