Wednesday, May 27, 2009

815th Post - It's A Miracle

You have probably heard about the woman who saw the Virgin Mary on the side of someone's house. All these crazy people flocked from miles away to see it.

I once heard about a potato chip that looked like the Virgin Mary. And, on a personal note, I once had a potato chip that looked like the Virgin Larry, my 57-year-old unmarried cousin from back home. I pointed this out to him, and he started crying. Poor guy.

Tonight, we had a post-TM meeting supper with a member whose birthday was today. We have another member of our Toastmasters club, who reads this blog every single day, who is a minister, and who has an impish sense of humour. He posted a reply to a recent post concerning my new work chair. You can go look for it. It was posted last Friday.

Anyway, post meal, A.J. took some

ketchup and made some into Jesus' face. He used a little bit more for the halo. Pepper for the crown of thorns. Salt for the... well, I am not sure what it was for. Because there wasn't enough sodium on the plate already?

Left the house before 7 this morning; got home just after 9:30. Newbie was in the window waiting for me. Poor little hungry kitty!!


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