Saturday, May 30, 2009

818th Post - A Year Ago

It was a year ago today when CJCH went away replaced by the station that took its place. Life has gone on as it always does. If you don't accept the things in life you cannot change you are doomed to an unhappy life. I have long since accepted what happened to CJ. I don't like it. But I have accepted it.

I have no quarrel with anybody who works at that new station. Amber LeBlanc has always been nice to me and I wish her and her colleagues at that station all the best. They have as much right to work and to be successful as anybody else does.

A year later and the small staff from CJ continue to be busy. Deb Smith is a cohost on C100 for the afternoon drive. Rick Howe is at News 95.7. Brian Phillips is running for politics. Amber is a cohost on the morning show at that new station.

Life goes on. It always does. We have all moved on. But the loss of CJCH still hurts.

It always will.

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