Monday, June 1, 2009

820th Post - Things in Halifax That Just Don't Make Sense, Part Four

Welcome to the fourth installment of the irregularly-scheduled feature, Things in Halifax That Just Don't Make Sense (TIHTJDMS). Post 777, 794, and 814 contain the earlier editions of this new, fun Bevboy's Blog feature, that you won't find anywhere else. No other Halifax-produced blog gives you so much content, so much fun, all for free.

Remember: The idea behind this series is to showcase things in the Halifax area that, at first blush, may appear quaint or interesting. But, upon even the most cursory examination, it just doesn't make sense.

This is a weird one because I have no idea what the person who sculpted this had in mind. I mean, I do, but the execution is so off-base, so strange, that I have to chalk it up to bad judgement. I'll be polite and diplomatic and say that I just don't get it.

Here: Have a look at the pictures that are floating around these paragraphs.

Yeah, I know. What the Hell is this?

It is called "The Wave", and I suppose it is meant to represent the ocean, and how we can never master it, and so on. To me, it looks like a giant tongue. Birds use it for target practice. I would, too. Maybe I have and I am just too timid to admit it.

Even though there is a sign explicitly asking people not to climb it, kids do all the time. I can't really blame them. I would, too. Maybe I have and I am just too timid to admit it.

This is a popular place, for some reason, to pose for a snapshot or two. I don't know why. You're standing in the shade, which may be a challenge to a camera. But maybe it has something to do with the fact that there is a giant tongue along the Halifax waterfront, and tourists want to show the people back home this strange construction. Your guess is as good as mine.

For years and years, I have seen people walk up to this "wave", this "tongue", this escapee from a Rolling Stones logo. They look at it, scratch their heads, and walk away.

One wonders what body part they will sculpt next. What do adenoids look like, anyway?

Face it, my friends: The "Wave" just doesn't make sense.

Next time: Either it's public property or it isn't. Make up your mind!



Kelly said...

It would be a sweet prank to sneak down their some night and paint it red.

Bevboy said...

Hi, Kelly. Thanks for writing.

Do I have a new reader?


theajthomas said...

Nope, just a guy who was using his wife's computer : )