Tuesday, June 2, 2009

821st Post - Taking Things LIterally

Long-time readers of this blog, and there are many, will know that I don't really grasp the concept of metaphors. They confuse me. If something is something, then it really is that thing, so shut up about it already. Similes are fine because they only pretend to be what they say they are. They are, at least, honest and upfront about what they are pretending to be. I appreciate and respect similes. Their backward, unkempt stepbrother is the metaphor. Frig, I hate metaphors!

Imagine my surprise and delight, then, when I discovered these wonderful videos. These are popular songs you have heard many times, but interpreted literally. Please join me in basking in the honesty of these beautiful songs, told as they should have been all along.

Under the Bridge

Head Over Heels

Take on Me

White Wedding

Ah! I feel so much better now.



Unknown said...

I've always been partial to the literal translation of the actual lyrics. Have a look at:


R.I.P. Biggie

Bevboy said...

Do I know you, Mick? Or do I have a new reader?