Wednesday, June 3, 2009

823rd Post - First Attempt at Voice Recognition

Hello, and welcome to the first blog post that I am dictating by way of voice recognition.

This evening, after Toastmasters, I went shopping for a USB based microphone. I finally found one at Future Shop. I do not care for that store, but they did have a microphone I wanted, so I purchased it.

I have spent the last 2 hours playing with the voice recognition software that comes with Windows Vista. I took the tutorial and spoke when it asked me to speak. I've learned how did enter certain commands like next or or the command to move to the end of the paragraph. I know I am just scratching the service of the features that voice recognition can provide. I can speak at more or less a regular speaking pace, and most of the time the computer gets it correct. From time to time it misunderstands me, which can be very frustrating for me and the computer :-)

I spent about half an hour later on this evening transcribing some of the interview I did with a radio person at the end of April. Sure enough, by wearing the headphones attached to my digital voice recorder, and playing little bits at a time, I was able to speak what I just heard and the voice recognition software more or less got it right. The "hyper echo dictation" is something that will take me a while to master.

I am in the early days of learning voice recognition software, but I'm having fun so far.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this short blog post as much as I have enjoyed dictating it!

I get up in about 6 hours, feed the cat, brush my teeth, find some clean clothing, and drive down to the valley to visit my parents for the day. June 4 is my father's birthday. He will be 78 years old. And he has no idea I am coming to visit! Promise me you will not tell him. Can it be our little secret?


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