Tuesday, June 9, 2009

830th Post - A Quick Bevboy Update

Election day in Nova Scotia. Probably gonna be an historic day if you believe in the polls.

Finished the first draft of an interview with a well-known radio personality, last night at 10pm. E-mailed it to him. It's a waiting game until I hear from him, so I'll resume work on 3 other interviews I need to transcribe. I also have a first draft of yet another interview being conducted via e-mail, to which I need to add some follow up questions. Beautiful stuff. Great behind-the-scenes stories in there. I know you'll like it. The loss of this man to Halifax radio in the late 1990's was very disappointing to me.

I have 6 interviews in the works. Another guy agreed to one yesterday. I would like to interview local horror author Steve Vernon for this humble blog. I have met him, and he is an interesting cat. He does palm reading at a store up the street from where I work. But I haven't approached him yet. Not sure why.

Had lunch with Patricia just now. Rudy's across the street from my work. Not exactly gourmet food, but I am no longer hungry, which goes a long way in my book. I hate being hungry. I don't mind being too cold, or too hot; but I hate hunger. Good thing I live in this part of the world.

Patricia returned from the cottage last evening, and is already talking about returning there, maybe as early as this weekend. I have to stay in the city.

Port Williams Days are this weekend. There will be a village-wide yard sale on Saturday. Every year I go, I seem to buy a broadcast spreader. I am starting to think that there are only a few broadcast spreaders in the world. People buy one when they need it at a yard sale, use it until they no longer need it, and then re-sell it at another yard sale, until the next guy who needs one comes along and purchases it. Who would pay 40 dollars for a broadcast spreader, when one can be had for 5 bucks or less at a yard sale?

Other years, as a man on a mission, I looked for and bought a big pet carrier for Newbie along with a chaise lounge, which Patricia promptly appropriated for herself and which I seldom get to use at the cottage. This year, I want some seat covers for the plastic chairs I bought from a store that was going out of business last year. Patricia bought some a few years ago for 25 cents each. I hope to get some for myself this year. Just hope they're not butt ugly like hers are.

Will be perched in front of the tv all night, watching the provincial election on tv. Jim Nunn's last night before he retires. Sorry to see him go.


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