Friday, June 12, 2009

833rd Post - I Can Hardly Wait!

To the right of this paragraph, or thereabouts, you'll see how I'll be spending my Saturday. My home town of Port Williams, Nova Scotia, will be having its 10th annual Port Williams Days. The hightlight for us is the village wide yard sale. I have written about that before, but it bear repeating: I have always, always walked away from these things with some great bargains.

I am trying to downsize and simplify my life by buying less crap. But, I have been lucky over the years, buying things that we can use at great deals. We needed a microwave oven at the cottage; I got one last year for two bucks. A coffee maker would have been nice there. I went to a yard sale where a guy was selling theirs because his wife didn't like the colour, black. Two more bucks. A slow cooker for five dollars. A chaise longue for ... a few dollars. Broadcast spreaders.

Of course, the coolest thing is probably the computer desk on which I am typing these words. Got it for free.

Anyway, tomorrow, we will rise very early and drive down there, returning in the evening. We'll see what kind of deals we can get.

Will also be visiting my mother in the hospital tomorrow. She took a fall at home on Thursday and was rushed to hospital. She will be there for several more days. I visited her Thursday night, returning here around 10:30.

Lack of sleep this week caught up to me at work this afternoon. I left early, feeling very unwell. Came back here, fed Newbie, and went to bed for 4 hours. Will probably be up all night now.

Time to try to go to bed.

See you tomorrow.


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