Sunday, June 14, 2009

836th Post - A Coincidence? I'm Not So Sure

I slept for many, many hours last night. I had the presence of mind to feed Newbie early this morning, meaning that he let me go back to bed and sleep in later than I would have been allowed to otherwise.

I eventually got up, ate something, washed my dishes(!), and settled down on the couch, where I started to watch a documentary I taped last night. I have HBO Canada here now, and you can imagine what the subject matter was. Yeah. That. Didn't finish watching it before I went to Patricia's.

We were both hungry, so we went to the local Swiss Chalet for a late lunch. During lunch, my BlackBerry rang. It was someone looking for someone else, but that someone identified himself as... the guy I interviewed at the end of April, and whose first interview draft had been sent to him a few weeks ago. Wires got crossed and he called me in error. That's fine. We chatted for a bit. He asked if we could get together for coffee in a week or 10 days to discuss a few changes and additions he wants made to the interview, and I said sure.

The coincidence alluded to in title of this post? When we met for lunch in April, we ate at a Swiss Chalet! We had not been there in the intervening six weeks. The decision to eat there today was a last minute thing. And, he called me when he meant to call someone else. Divine providence? Things lining up in sequence like tumblers in a lock? Or, what is it, anyway?

My mother is still in the hospital. In the last few minutes, she was moved to a room. I think she will be there for a few more days.

Newbie sits in the box over my left shoulder, half asleep. I think he misses me when I am not home. I miss him.

Started watching season 2 of Burn Notice this evening. I copied the show through Video on Demand, to a couple of dvd's. Beats the heck out of the cost of buying the dvd, and is quicker, legal, and more convenient than using a torrent to download the show off the net. Great to watch this show at the cottage. We like the show a lot. I still prefer "Breaking Bad", but that show is pretty dark, and Bryan Cranston's character is going into a deeper and darker place with every episode. I recommend both shows, but they're totally different.

Ever see each show? Wanna know more about it? Knock yourself out. Read about Breaking Bad. Read about Burn Notice.



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