Tuesday, June 16, 2009

838th Post - Call For Assistance

So, on Saturday, at the Port Williams Yard Sale, I bought myself a camera bag. I love it. I also bought a Canon compact photo printer, model CP-330.

Turns out it doesn't work. I was perhaps snookered on this.

I don't know if it's worth looking around for the missing parts, a paper cassette that feeds into the device so's you can print, or if I should just write off the wasted ten dollars and search for a new photo printer for Patricia. I don't want one; I have long believed that we should be moving away from using paper. I have plenty of paper at my desk, but assure my boss (who reads this blog nearly every day!) that I seldom use the printer outside my office. I use it to print off my monthly standby/overtime sheet, and the times I print off pages for the Oracle licensing stuff he has me do; but other than that, I very seldom print anything.

Patricia feels differently. She wants to be able to print off pics from her digital camera.

So, you guys reading this: Can you recommend a cool photo printer? I notice that the new ones can print directly from SD or SDHC cards. The printers have little lcd screens that enable you to select and print the pics you want.

The printer we got on Saturday came with several extra boxes of ink cartridges and postcard-sized sheets that you print pics onto. It'd be nice if whatever printer I got could make use of those things so that the purchase on Saturday would not have been totally in vain.

Thanks in advance, folks. You may have saved this relationship.


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