Wednesday, June 17, 2009

839th Post - A Bevboy's Blog Change

Hi, everyone. I have decided to make a couple of cosmetic changes to Bevboy's Blog.

You'll notice to the left of the blog posts that I have a region called "Bevboy's Labels". They contain quick jumps to key parts of the blog that you will likely want to visit frequently. All of the 9 published interviews are reachable this way. Or, if you want to, you can just click on the name of the person who's interviewed. You are but one click away from the fabled (and very popular, given the stats I examine on a regular basis) Denyse Sibley interview, the Rob Johnson interview, or whatever. Of course, the six interviews that are in various stages of production will add to this total, and there will be a label for each of the folks I sit down with.

(And, two more people have already agreed to an interview. And yet two others, who have been very patient with me, agreed months and months ago. One is a writer and one is an editor. So, you interview addicts: There will be lots of interviews to read about in the months to come. Tell me how much you like them. Please. These kind words will sustain me as I sit here night after night, hunched over this computer, typing my life and fingerprints away.

I have also created a label called "Radio". I will be gradually going through all 839 posts (give me time, folks!) and labelling the posts that are about that most sacred of broadcast mediums (media? medio? I need a medic!). That way, you can spend hour after hour and read about all of the radio-related blog posts. You and I both know you want to. I'll probably do a similar label for comics, not that I write about them much any more. I mean, Captain America is coming back, but you've probably already heard about it by now. You don't need me, your humble blogger, to tell you this stuff.

We are heading into the summer. I want you to start thinking about The Coast's Best of Halifax awards that will be coming up in the next few months. You know, winning for best local Blog sure would be nice... I mean, really: It would be nice!

Back to work on the N.B. interview!


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