Friday, June 19, 2009

842nd Post - A Long, Productive Day

I was pretty busy at work today. That's always a good thing, especially these days. Kept my mind off things that are best not dwelling on.

Bought some groceries after work. I typically favour the Bayers Lake Superstore as it is relatively close to my home. They have re-jigged the place, removing the electronics section, putting other stuff in its place. I won't miss the electronics section that much: Their dvd's were, to be polite, not competitively priced. Most things in that section weren't. If they can't compete with the big boys, then it's best not to carry that type of product.

Got back home. Fed Newbie. Sat down here and finished transcribing the N.B. interview. This time, I did it the old-fashioned way: I typed it. The whole voice recognition thing just doesn't seem to be there yet. You say the thing you want typed on the screen, several times, over and over again. More often than not, the computer misunderstands you and types something else. You correct it. Say it again. Correct it again.

I will probably do a combination of typing and echo dictation from now on. I can still type pretty fast when I get in a zone, like I did this evening, because it took my mind off things that have been bugging me. I whipped through the final question relatively quickly and e-mailed the first draft this evening to her. I hope she reads it over fairily quickly and gets back to me so that I can publish the interview soon. I think you'll like it.

Going to bed early so that I can (in theory) get up early. Wanna get some pics early tomorrow morning for tomorrow's blog post.

Also going to a Toastmasters barbecue Saturday afternoon, rain or shine. It will probably rain. Big deal. We won't melt. Burgers taste the same if it's a hot, sunny day, or if it's a warm, rainy one.

Have a good one.


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