Monday, June 29, 2009

852nd Post - New P.D. for the Rogers Station in Halifax

I see Wayne Harrett's website is reporting that Danny Kingsbury is the program director for the new Rogers FM station in Halifax. This is the station that is replacing 780 KIXX on the dial. That station is the last AM station in this market.

I know nothing about this man, Danny Kingsbury. I know nothing about what the format of this new station will be; Rogers is playing its cards very close to its vest. However, the assignment of Mr. Kingsbury as p.d. may provide a few clues as to what the format will be like.

I googled this man's name. This website indicates he was as CISS FM in Ottawa in 2005. According to this issue of Broadcast Dialogue, he left Rogers nearly six months ago. Perhaps that is why he has agreed to come to this sleep backwater: He's been outta work for a while.

This link lists places he has worked over the years.

It is difficult to extrapolate from the above what the format of this new station will be. Q107 is classic rock. CFNY/the Edge is a new rock station, but may not have been back when Kingsbury was working there. CISS/KISS FM looks like a C100-type station, with a slant toward female listeners.

Some folks were speculating that the new Rogers station will have a Country format. I think I can put that speculation to rest. Ain't gonna happen. I can see nothing on his resume to indicate that they would want to hire him to be a Country station p.d.

Others have speculated it will be an easy-listening type station, geared for old gummers like me. I don't think it will be that either. Ditto for an Oldies station, like CJ was when it went bye-bye last year.

My gut feeling, based upon the hiring of Danny Kingsbury, is that the new Rogers station in Halifax will have a new rock type of format. We already have C100, and they will go to extraordinary steps to protect their segment of the listening audience. Their G.M. told me that a couple of years ago. With Z103.5 and the station that replaced CJCH going for the really young crowd, and their not being much of an outlet for the new rock bands and tunes, I am thinkin' that fans of the Trews, Matt Mays, Joel Plaskett, and all the other young rock-types will be pretty happy with this new station. Which means quite a bit of competition for my friend J.C. Douglas.

I am looking forward to finding out, when this station goes live, sometime this Summer.


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