Thursday, July 2, 2009

856th Post - Robert Plant Musings

This morning, like a lot of people, I tuned into Q104 to hear J.C. Douglas interview Paul McCartney. McCartney, you see, is playing in Halifax on July 11th. My thoughts on the concert are in an earlier post.

Despite how I feel about the idea of public property being used in this way, I cannot rid myself of the thought that it's pretty neat to see a former Beatle play here.

On his facebook page, I wrote JC and asked him if there were any others on his "get" list, people he would really like to talk to, now that he's spoken to McCartney. He was kind enough to reply and stated that since he had talked to McCartney he was done, but then added, "Darn, always wanted to talk to Robert Plant though... :-)".

Obviously, I can't make that happen. If I could, I'd interview him for the blog, AND THEN let JC talk to him afterward. But I began to think about Robert Plant. Of course, he's best known for his years with Led Zeppelin and his 1980's solo career and his years with the Honey Drippers. Don't ask me what he did in the 1990's, because I have no idea.

He had a solo album a few years ago; the Q played a tune from it, and I liked it.

But in the last year or so he has been working and touring with Alison Krause, a country-folk artist. There has been a very successful album and a tour. They won several Grammies this year.

To the best of my knowledge, no radio station in Halifax has played anything from that album. Maybe on Wayne Harrett's station. Possibly Stan Carew has played something from it. The music might qualify as Country, and might have been played on FX101.9, but I am doubtful. Classic rock radio wouldn't touch it. The Q might have played it. They have played lots of Blue Rodeo and other melodic bands over the years. The easy listening, melodic, older-skewing demographic is underserved in Halifax. I hope that a commercial radio station scratches that itch sometime, because it would be successful.

Well, dang it. This is my blog. I wanna play some Robert Plant and Alison Krause! First heard this song on my Asus EEE netbook PC, which you'll recall I bought a couple of months ago from a guy in New Minas. He had limewire installed on it, along with some mp3's. I have removed the tunes from the computer but noticed that this song was on it. Played it, and loved it. I hope you enjoy it.

Hmm? What's that? You wish you could hear a live version of the song? You're reading my mind, my brother. Here you go:

You're welcome. You know I love you, don't you?


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Bevboy said...

JC Douglas has read this post. Here is his comment:

Saw your blog entry, Bev ... and indeed Q did play "Gone, Gone, Gone" from the Grammy winning Plant/Krauss CD ... great tune!

Thanks for writing, JC!