Friday, July 3, 2009

857th Post - Another Week Gone!

It is Friday already here at Casa Bevboy. With the holiday in the middle of the week, today seemed a little like Tuesday. That ever happen to you? You think it's one day, and it's another; and all of a sudden you're ticked off just because it's not the day you thought it was, or should be? Man, I hate that.

I am typing this out on my asus eee pc, but with a difference. I know they say you can get used to typing on the small keyboard, but I don't see how. My fingers are just too damned big to make efficient typing a possibility. The little mouse "pad", yes. I can get used to that, and mostly have. But the small keyboard is just too small for me.

Some time ago, I bought an adapter for my laptop at work, the one that died months ago. The adaptor lets you plug a ps/2 mouse and/or keyboard into it, and the output goes into a usb port on a computer. It works fine on this little computer. Most of us have an extra keyboard or two at our disposal. Think I'll keep an extra one at the cottage, one at my parents' place, and maybe even invest in a couple extra adapters. They're really cheap, just a couple of dollars.

Of course, sitting cross legged on my bed with the keyboard on my lap is not the best typing experience. But it is still better than typing on the keyboard of this computer.

I love simple, elegant solutions to annoying problems. I'll probably get a couple more of those adapters, even tomorrow.

Say, July 16th will be a very significant day in my life. Very significant. I'll let you know as the day approaches.

Taking my parents shopping tomorow. You just know I'll be gone all day.

Gotta get back to transcribing the interview with p.d. Excuse me.


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Glenda said...

July 16th you say....should I let my mind wonder or are you going to spill the beans sometime soon....little sis:)