Sunday, July 5, 2009

859th Post - What Follows a Long Saturday In Nova Scotia?

Lots of sleep, that's what!

I have begun to clean the house for the upcoming events of July 16th. I am by no means finished, but things are well under way.

People are seeing my twitter and facebook updates about the July 16th date, and speculating what is going to happen on the 16th. A couple of them have guessed correctly. I have told one person what the story is, because she was gonna hear anyway. If she posts the truth on this blog, I'll delete her comment. I want it to be a surprise, ok?

At any rate, cleaning the house is something I don't do often enough. As the little creep that broke into my house in '07 noted, and the police found out, I often keep a long, long day. It is not unusual for me to leave the house before 7am and not return until 8 or 9pm. The ironic part of this admission is that I think of myself as a homebody. I love to be at home. I love to sleep. I love watching movies on demand through my digital cable. I love playing on this computer. I love home-related things. Yet, I have this reputation for never being at home. Go figure.

Say, I know as you know that it's been raining like crazy in Nova Scotia over the past six weeks or so. It has made mowing one's lawn a challenge. My front lawn is looking ok, as I share it with a neighbour. We tag team. But my back lawn looks awful. A combination of crappy weather and never being home when it was nice has meant that I haven't actually mowed the back lawn in '09. Yeah. I know. There might be a family of pygmies out there for all I know.

I would have mowed the lawn tonight, I swear, but a number of teenagers decided to skirt my property tonight and smoke cigarettes right outside my back door for a couple of hours. One of those charming children is the little so-and-so who decided to drop in for a visit when I was at work two days ago, liberating me of a few bottles of wine, a couple bottles of loose change, and knocking a few things over to boot. Needless to say, I don't feel friendly toward him or his ilk and avoid them as much as I can.

Vacation starts in less than two weeks. Technically, it's next week. I have many grandiose plans for vacay, but the reality will be that we'll be at the cottage for most of it, sleeping, watching dvd's, maybe making the odd day trip. I can hardly wait.

Back to transcribing an interview. Looking forward to sharing all six of them with you!


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