Wednesday, July 15, 2009

870th Post - Something Totally Different

Hope you're enjoying the interviews. There will be more to come.

Heading into a very busy few days. Not sure how much time I'll have to blog about it. I will blog tomorrow for sure, to make the special announcement. Friday, Saturday are expected to be write offs as I deal with the left overs of what happens on Thursday.

I need a total change of pace to get my mind off all this stuff.

Mad TV has been canceled now. It's always been considered a weak sister to Saturday Night Live, which always seemed unfair to me. They're both sketch shows, but the comparison ends there, more or less. SNL's humour is topical to the point where if you watch a repeat of a show six months after it was first broadcast, you may think you're in a time warp, and struggle to remember the context in which the jokes exist. Mad TV political humour was generic enough, less topical enough, to make catching it out of sequence more bearable.

Of particular delight were the Mad TV parodies of other shows. One of my very favourites is the following, a Spanish version of the original Star Trek series. I studied Spanish in university; took a couple of courses. As poor a Spanish student I was, it sure seems to me that the language is correct, or nearly so; and that they're mostly playing it straight. It is still ridiculously funny to me, though.

I hope you agree.

P.S. T-1 Day!


Unknown said...


Was just looking at freecycle and think you may have let the cat out of the bag ;-)


Bevboy said...

Is this Michael? Michael E. Gillis? Master of Kung Fu?