Saturday, July 18, 2009

873rd Post - Two Days After

Patricia moved in two days ago, and we still haven't killed each other.

We are still cleaning out her old place for the new person who's taking it over, soon. Worked at it all day and into the evening. We'll go back in the morning and finish it.

I am on vacation, but you'd never know it. Flat out working, preparing the house for Patricia, and now cleaning out her place. The cottage can't come soon enough! Twelve hours of sleep a day, here I come!

Learned today that the new FM radio station, at 92.9 and to be called Lite 92.9 FM, is advertising for a morning show "co-host". Only one! That would indicate to me that they have already approached or even hired someone to do the job. Who knows who that might be? I'd like it to be Brian Phillips, but I doubt if he would confirm or deny it if I asked him. I also notice they're not advertising for any news positions. It makes me wonder if they'll just get people from the talk station to do the news every morning and afternoon. They're not advertising for a mid-day host, either. Once again, they may have already hired someone, or they will just voicetrack that section of the day, giving listeners the impression that there's someone there when there isn't.

Getting lots of good feedback from the latest interviews. JC Douglas wrote some very nice things last night through Facebook. Wish he'd write them as a comment here on the blog for the world to see, but them's the breaks!

Off to bed. Another long day tomorrow.


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George said...

When do we see a pic of the "Happy Couple"?