Sunday, July 19, 2009

874th Post - When DOES Vacation Start?

Another day spent cleaning Patricias old place. Another day of returning home exhausted.

My main tv died this weekend. Replaced it with what was in my bedroom. Will be in the market for a shiny new one after vacation.

The police have been hanging around the school behind my house for hours now. Wonder what's going on out there? Like they'd tell me!

Always amused when people say the police are 100% sure that "Person A" committed a crime because a cop told a friend of a friend. I don't believe it for a minute. The police must keep a very tight rein on the information they have on a case for fear of jeopardizing it should it go to trial. They won't be telling me anything, or you, or that proverbial friend of a friend.

And I love it when people just assume an accused person is guilty. Yep. Who needs a trial when we can just assume stuff?

Geez, who did a number one in my Mueslix?

Monday: The cottage. I hope.

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