Thursday, July 23, 2009

878th Post - A Pit Stop and Bad Radio News

We are back in the city for a short few hours as Patricia had a doctor's appointment that couldn't wait.

I arrived home, took a shower, put on a fresh shirt, and checked my facebook status in time to learn some unsettling news. Jaime Paterson of Kool FM has been laid off, as of this morning. Yes, the guy who does the drive home show on that station. Yes, the host of the Sunday morning Beatles Brunch. Yes, the guy whose passion for Paul McCartney played a role in his coming here recently. Gone.

Shauna McKinnon seems to be gone as well.

The Kool FM website has already removed all traces of Paterson and McKinnon. It's as if they never existed. Their on air personalities consist of Griff and Caroline, with Ian Robinson remaining as "Phil Inn". Ironically enough, I am wearing a KOOL FM shirt that Ian gave me last week.

You know that I love radio. But I hate how many of the people in it are treated. I have stated that if I had it to do again, I'd enter a career in radio. However, given the layoffs in that fine medium, and other annoyances that hamper my enjoyment of it, the more convinced that my career decision 27 years ago was a sound one. I have been lucky enough not to know even a second's unemployment all of these years. Had I been in radio all this time, I'd doubtless have been laid off many times by now. Not trying to put myself down; I'm just being realistic.

I also learned this morning, or was it last night, that 780 KIXX goes off the air in a matter of days. Monday morning, we lose our last AM station, forever. A sad day. KIXX goes off the air at 10am; a couple of weeks later, the station replacing it, succeeding it, on the FM dial, goes on the air at 92.9FM. They have been test broadcasting lately, and it sounds agreeable enough. I'll probably try it out for a spell.

We live in interesting times.

Back to the cottage in a couple of hours...


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