Friday, July 24, 2009

879th Post - More Interview Updates

Yesterday, during my brief return to the city, I wrote the two outstanding interview subjects, B.P. and P.C, to see if they had had a chance to read over the first drafts of their respective interviews. Both interviews are very long and took me many hours to transcribe for your eventual reading pleasure. B.P. wrote me back 45 minutes or so later and promised to read it over so that we could discuss any changes before the interview is published, probably in August sometime.

P.C. called me about an hour ago. He hopes I enjoy vacation and looks forward to talking to me upon my return to the city, the week after next. As a special bonus feature, he has spoken to his friend, D.T., who is amenable to an interview. He is a fellow cottager, but one community away from us. I will give him a call this afternoon to see if he might be willing to come over for dinner sometime next week, followed by a 2 or 3 hour discussion. Or more, if he is willing. I'll have to clear space on my digital voice recorder (yes, I brought my digital camera, camcorder, and voice recorder to the cottage!)

G.T. has agreed to an interview. He is a program director at a radio station in the province, but is better known for a character he plays on Halifax radio every weekday morning. T.B. works at that station, and approached ME last week, saying he'd "love" to do an interview with me.

Local author S.V. said he'd be interested in an interview. He is an interesting cat, and our paths have crossed many times over the years.

These interviews began simply enough. I just wanted to get some radio stories from folks. But I have wanted each one to be better than the one before, and I have expended a considerable amount of cash on computer equipment (my home pc gets used for my blog more than it does for anything else), a better camera, digital voice recorder, camcorder, and the lunches. Even my ASUS EEE pc gets used for the interview transcriptions!

I could grab my calculator and quantify how much I have spent, out of pocket, for these interviews. But I prefer not to. This is a labour of love for me, and I am gratified that my name is getting out there to the point where I am being hit up for sit downs. Besides, if I did figure out how much I have spent on this, I might stop doing them.

Greetings from the River John library. Free hot dogs and pop at 2pm at the park across the street. Does life get any better?


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