Friday, July 31, 2009

889th Post - I Have Seen The Future

We hit the road this morning, hitting River John to visit the library. Surfed the web there for a while. We decided to have lunch in Tatamagouche. Leaving Big Al's, we went on to the main street.

Patricia had to go to the pharmacy. I went into the local bookstore and struck up a conversation with the owner, a woman named Annette. She ran a bookclub downstairs called Fables. They also run films, present musical performers, and play chess. It is a private club. Costs about $100 a year to be a member.

They needed about 150 members to sustain the business; they have 700 members in just 8 months. Some nights, there is a line up to get in. Annette and her husband are considering limiting memberships.

We will be back. Soon.

Our main goal today, however, was to visit Jost Vineyards in Malagash. We did. We went on the wine tour, which was interesting. I met a couple who had the same model camera I had. I even showed them a couple of features on it that they didn't know about!

After a good day trip we returned to the cottage where we have spent the evening watching some documentaries (Mata Hari was robbed!).

Last formal day of my vacation. Back to work on Tuesday. Where have the last 2 weeks gone?

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