Friday, August 7, 2009

897th Post - Another Day In Pictou County

Slept for many hours last night. Finally got up. This afternoon, we are at the River John library. The c@p site computers are all in use, but I brought the asus eee pc with me. I am hooked up wirelessly. Pretty nice, but this computer was never meant for long bouts of typing. My fingers are just too damned big, and it is too frustrating to learn. I have an external keyboard back at the cottage and find that much more of a pleasure to type with than this thing.

I may end up selling this computer if someone makes me a non-insulting offer.

At the cottage for a couple of days. I won't be able to be here again until Labour Day. Out of town next weekend, and then the next 2 weekends after that I'll be working overtime.

Meeting with PC during a late lunch hour on Monday. I will make any changes he asks for and then post the mega interview here.

Got a facebook message from Wayne Harrett last night asking me when the FC interview will be going up. Because of various factors, I haven't finished transcribing it yet. Patricia moved in. My parents were sick. Work stuff. Vacation. All those things got in the way of my finishing the interview. I feel bad, but it will be done as soon as I possibly can. I will even work on it this weekend, once I ho0k up my external keyboard that is.

We're heading off soon. Have a good one. TTYS.


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