Saturday, August 8, 2009

898th Post - Nothing

I did nothing today.

Slept for 12 hours. Got up. Ate. Spent hours watching recent editions of "America's Got Talent". Now we are watching the dvd we made of the recent Paul McCartney Halifax concert. I will probably toddle off to bed before it is over.

Had 2 visitors to the cottage this evening, minutes apart. Conservation officers from Natural Resources came by to investigate a complaint we made regarding unlawful use of an ATV on our property a couple of weeks ago. We frigging hate All Terrain Vehicles; unfortunately, our neighbour here owns one and knows we don't like them.

The second visitor was a man who is looking for ocean-facing cottage property like ours. He asked about our other neighbours, but he was likely thinking about ours.

In the morning I will mow the lawn. In the afternoon we return to the city. And co-habitation with Patricia begins in earnest.

As long as I remember that it is always the man's fault, I should be ok.


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