Sunday, August 9, 2009

899th Post - Once More, Back In The City

Returned to the city a few hours ago. The issue which I would like to discuss with you but can't remains ugly and festering and isn't going away soon. Sucks.

The new Rogers station is up and active at 92.9FM. Sounds a LOT like Kool. A lot. All the speculation is who is gonna end up working there. Will Brian Phillips come out of "retirement"? I asked him via fb a couple of weeks ago. His reply? "I have to get supper ready". It is code for something. Will figure it out.

Q104 and KOOL FM move into their new digs in a week. JC Douglas has promised me a tour of the place. It will be a bevboysblog exclusive that I look forward to sharing with you.

Having a late lunch tomorrow with PC. Hope it is just to ask me to make a few small changes or to add some stuff. Because, you know, it is such a brief interview and all. Flesh a few things out here and there.

Typing this out with 2 fingers on my asus eee pc. Touch typing on this thing is not exactly easy. It is decent for web surfing though. Came in handy at the library on Friday when there were not many computers to use.

Looking for a standard def tv for home to replace the one that died last month. 25 inch max with some inputs. Know anybody who has one to sell, cheap?

I mowed the lawn at the cottage today. Took 2 hours and a tank of gas.

Newbie is beat. Can't say I blame him.

Yawn! Back to reality tomorrow. No more cottage for me until Labour Day!


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