Monday, August 17, 2009

908th Post - Will I Sleep Tonight?

The humidity level around here is such that, just lying down on my bed, I break out into a sweat. It makes sleep nearly impossible, and causes irritability in both of us, and both of our cats. I hope I can get a bit more sleep this evening. I'll take a pill if I have to.

I am in the market for a table top tripod for my digital camera and camcorder. I thought I could get by without one, but when I was recording some video the other night, I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold the camera straight. You'll know why when you read the interview and see the video I shot. A tripod, of course, would fix that problem. I found one after work tonight that is only 40 dollars and fits in my existing camera bag. I will probably buy it after work tomorrow. Add that to the princely sum I have spent on blog-associated things.

A guy in TM won a digital camera a couple of months ago. If they still have it, they're willing to sell it to me for a good price. But I am trying to figure out if I would ever use the thing. I have a pretty good camera now. It can shoot passable video. Of course, I also have a small camcorder that is perfect for these interviews and recording me singing happy birthday to my father. My BlackBerry has a 2.1mp camera and can shoot video. I do use both features a fair amount, mostly times when I don't have a better camera on my person. But, do I need, at all, to any extent at all, yet another digital camera? My camera bag is getting full, and will be full by the time I get the tripod. Would another camera, a much smaller one that has 10mp and a small optical zoom, be useful to me at all? Maybe for the blog interviews. Maybe. But I'm not sure.

I spent time before work this morning, as well as my lunch hour, working on a long-overdue transcription of an interview. Life went to Hell in July and I fell desperately behind. I have 2 more interviews to transcribe after this one is over. I am not going to book any more interviews until after I have finished this one. Wanna be done by the end of the week.

Time for bed. Pray for a break in the humidity for me, won't you?


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