Wednesday, August 19, 2009

910th Post - I'm Still Working On It!

I spent my lunch hour today transcribing the FC interview. It is very long, probably longer than the Pat Connolly interview. I am working flat out to finish it by the end of the weekend. Depends on how much spare time I get. Still trying to clean up the house from last month's move. Making one household out of two is a big job.

I bought a table top tripod Tuesday evening, and exchanged it this evening for a better one. The one I got last night was broken, right out of the box. They don't make a good lower end table top tripod, I guess. The market is focused on the big, tall tripods that professional photographers use. I am not a pro photographer. I just want something I can use from time to time for these interviews to hold a camcorder steady whilst shooting video. I don't need a two hundred or even a two thousand dollar tripod!! Not sure who really does.

Anyway, the replacement one I got after work tonight extends to a bigger height than the one I took back. I don't think I need that extra height, but it's there if I do need it. Down the road, I may spent a hundred dollars or so on a full height tripod. That would be the most I'd spend on one of those things.

Gotta get back to the transcription. I'll work for an hour or so tonight before going to bed.

Love you all.


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