Thursday, August 20, 2009

911th Post - Funniest. Scene. Ever!

Well, one of the funniest, that is.

I regularly watched "Taxi" when I was a teenager. Yes, it was on that long ago. I loved it then. I watched some syndicated reruns a few years ago, and the bloom was off the rose. Not quite as funny.


Except for this character, Reverend Jim. He was introduced in season two. A refugee from the 1960's, burned out from years of drug abuse, he becomes a New York cab driver. The story of how Jim becomes a cab driver is, to my mind, one of the six funniest bits I have ever seen on a tv show or in a film. I became a huge fan of actor Christopher Lloyd as a direct result of his portrayal of Reverend Jim and have watched him be excellent in some pretty crappy movies over the years. The minister of my church in the 1980's was named Jim. He called himself "Reverend Jim". I have always wondered if he was a fan of the show and this was his sly wink toward it.

First broadcast in 1979 or so, and remaining with me all these years until I saw it again this morning, it remains hysterically funny.

If you have five and a half minutes, watch it. Just watch it.

You're welcome.


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