Tuesday, August 25, 2009

918th Post - Bevboy's New Toy

I wanted to have a cheap, near-disposable digital camera to use in case my Fujifilm S100FD goes on the fritz when I need a camera for a blog interview or something. I bought one Tuesday evening.

It is a Pentax Optio E60. Ten megapixels. 3X optical zoom. Many shooting modes. I added regular alkalines to the E60 this morning at 8. Took pictures casually throughout the morning during stretch breaks. By 12:30 I was on my 3rd set of batteries. Holy Frig. This camera goes through batteries like Paris Hilton goes through purses. To that end, I invested in 16(!) rechargeable batteries this evening after work. Two chargers, too. I'll keep one at work in case I need it.

I will gradually be shifting over to rechargeables over the next few weeks. The alkalines in my regular camera and my camcorder will be allowed to run out and be replaced by the rechargeables. There will be back up rechargeables to throw in the devices as they wear out to be recharged here or at work. In the event of emergency, I'll keep a few regular alkalines, but will not put them in the E60, 'cuz I'll be lucky to get 20 pictures out of them before they start coughing up blood.

The packaging on the rechargeables claims they can be recharged upwards of 1000 times. It is hard to believe that. But, if true, then this investment today will pay for itself in a year or so.

So far, the rechargeables in the E60 have allowed me to take many more pictures than the old batteries. The battery charge level shows it to be low, but I can keep taking pics. I seem to recall reading somewhere that whatever mechanism in a device reads the batteries to see how much juice they have left, doesn't always work for rechargeables. Frigged if I know why.

I have a 26 minute question to transcribe, and then the FC interview can be unleashed on my readers. Keep looking for it.


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