Thursday, August 27, 2009

920th Post - Busking for Bucks

Went for a nice walk during my lunch hour today. Took my new back up camera with me to put it through its paces.

I also wanted to catch Charlie A'Court busking for bucks in front of the Halifax Public Library.

I mean, who wouldn't?

Mr. A'Court has been busking to raise money to help homeless people in Halifax find a place to live so that they can move up in their lives. It is great work, what this man is doing. He is also a wonderful musician.

He is busking because, when he came to Halifax 9 or so years ago, that was the only way he could make a few dollars. He reported on the radio last week that chip wagons gave him free French fries and pop. The community looked after him. Now, he wants to return the favour.

Mr. A'Court was selling his latest album in the form of a digital download. You pay $15 to get a keychain. On the keychain is a fob containing a pin number. You go to his website, supply that pin number, and are then able to download the contents of the live album, and then be able to access other exclusive content. It's a pretty cool idea, and the future of music. I mean, why do you want a physical cd any more? Have the tunes on your hard drive and load them on your mp3 player or something.

Dawn Sloane arranged for me to meet Mr. A'Court after his show. And, as you can see, he has recorded a special greeting for my blog! He also gave me a business card. Does that mean he might consider consenting to an interview for this blog? Hmm. One can only hope.

He finishes busking at 5pm, August 28, at the Grand Parade. Patricia and I will be there. Will you?

P.S. Saw "Inglorious Basterds" this evening. I still don't understand the misspelled movie title, but it was a very interesting film. Glad I saw it on the big screen.

P.P.S. Newbie is all over me like a cheap suit. He misses me during the day!

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