Saturday, August 29, 2009

922nd Post - More Charlie A'Court

Friday was a busy day. After work, we attended the final Charlie A'Court Busking for Bucks show, this time at the Grand Parade in Halifax's downtown.

(I have a worldwide audience, follks. That's why I have to keep mentioning this place.)

I have become a huge Charlie A'Court fan over the last couple of weeks. I am having a hard time explaining why. I am not that big a fan of blues or roots music, which is A'Court's thing. But there is something about his music that is so infectious that it has won me over completely. I am going to educate myself about this man's music and buy everything with his name on it. Please follow my lead, won't you?

A'Court's music is so diverse, and he sings it with such a passion, that you can't not like it, or him. As I walked cross his path yesterday, he smiled. After the show was over, I shook his hand and asked permission to post on my blog the video clip below; it tells a very touching story. He said, "Yes. Please put it up". He then mentioned that he had liked my earlier post and had linked to that blog post from his facebook site. Thanks so much for the extra traffic on my blog, Mr. A'Court! Let me return the favour: Check out his website right now, everybody!

I mean, how could you not be a fan of this guy? He does 16 hours of busking in Halifax during the summer, when he could have sat at home doing nothing. Instead, he decides to devote all this time to raise funds to help house homeless people.

This puts him in my good books. And, besides, he's clearly a Superman fan. That should mean something to you guys, too. It sure does to me.

I have two regrets over the past week.

1. I regret not having caught more of his shows.

2. I regret not having asked him to play "Modern Day Delilah", the new Kiss song. He played along to the tune on Q104, and I'd love to know what he'd do with it.

Mr. A'Court, you have a new fan. Bless you for what you have done. And thank you for your kindness to me over the last couple of days.

Patricia and I were busy last evening. I'll tell you about the Ghost Walk in a bit.


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