Tuesday, September 1, 2009

925th Post - A Shortened Work Week

Working Wednesday this week, and that's it until next Tuesday. Or, "Twosdee", as people back home would say.

We are going to the cottage after work tomorrow evening, returning Monday afternoon or evening. A simple, long weekend at the cottage. No cable. No satellite. The only internet connection being the one on my BlackBerry. I love my digital cable and high speed and running water; but we also love the cottage and the simple life. Wish the neighbour, the one with the All Terrain vehicle, would drive it and himself over a cliff, but one can't have everything.

Rechargeable batteries are lasting a heckuva lot longer in my Pentax Optio E60. It is not a bad camera, all told, now that I can get a decent battery life. I bought the low self-discharge rechargeables, meaning they will drain at a much slower rate if left unused on a shelf for a few months. With the two digital cameras, the digital camcorder, the digital voice recorder, spare batteries, and even a battery charger, the camera bag is bursting at the seams.

Don't worry, my friends. I will blog from the cottage. Will probably make at least one trip to the library. I can write a nice long blog post from there. And I'll even transcribe an interview down there, too. Plan to be productive whilst down there.

Can hardly wait!!


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