Tuesday, September 8, 2009

932nd Post - First Day After a Long, Long Weekend

After the obscene amount of sleep I got over the several days I was at the cottage, I was punished by being nearly sleepless last night. I was awake until after 1 am. Of course, I was up and at 'em by 5:30. Couple that with a very warm office building and I was pretty dreary, worse for wear and tear, by mid morning.

Traffic this evening was a nightmare. I had to work a bit late tonight, dealing with an issue that could not be dealt with during work hours. I got to my car around 5:10. It took me nearly an hour to drive home. Bumper to bumper traffic all the way. Yep. Summer's over.

I receive email alerts about traffic problems on the Halifax bridges. I am not sure why I signed up for these alerts, as I seldom use the bridges during rush hours, but it seemed neat at the time. The way they word these emails is suspicious to me. "Unforeseen event affecting traffic" sure seems to me like a suicide attempt on the bridge that has to be dealt with. These euphemisms mask what's going on there to the point where you just don't know what's happening unless you're there to see it. Not sure how to feel about that. I am not sure I have the right to know that someone has attempted to kill himself by jumping off the Macdonald Bridge. I don't know what they're trying to hide. People who want to off themselves will find a way. I don't see how trying to hide the fact that people use that bridge as a means to do so will inspire others to follow suit, or not to. I don't know what it accomplishes, except to confuse the public.

There was a long article about bridge suicides in the Coast last year. It may be online still for all I know. It was a piece that needed to be copy edited better (I figure that if I can pick out errors in punctuation, then a professional can pick them out, and a bunch more), but it was thought provoking and challenging.

Toastmasters was supposed to resume tomorrow night. But so few people are going, that we have just decided to cancel it, and resume weekly meetings next week.

Only one question left to transcribe in the DT interview. You will enjoy it. And, last week, BP agreed to an interview with me. Holy Frig. What have I wrought here? BP, agreeing to sit down with little old me.

If you are getting the impression that I seem a little punch drunk, then bingo. Lack of sleep does that to a person.



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