Tuesday, September 15, 2009

941st Post - More Classic Canadian Rock

I have been receiving some nice feedback over last night's post regarding Teaze. I will tell you now that I have actually contacted Brian Danter, the band's lead singer. He hasn't written me back yet, and may not at all, but I can prove that someone from Windsor Ontario has been checking out the blog, and the Teaze post! Kinda cool, potentially.

I thought I'd write about another band from the 1980's that I liked. They were called Autograph.

They had one pretty big hit, "Turn Up The Radio". You still hear it from time to time on classic rock radio stations. When K-Rock 89.3 in New Minas went on the air in June of 2008, that was the first song they played. Pretty neat. I turned up my computer speakers.

But they had another hit. The title of the song is probably my favourite song title ever, regardless of genre, regardless of era, regardless of anything. It is a shame that this tune isn't remembered as much as "Turn Up The Radio" is. But it isn't, and I have this opportunity to help right this wrong.

Are you ready for the song title?

No, really. Are you ready?

It's a good one!

The song is called...

Ha ha ha ...

Sorry. I lost it for a second.

The song is called: "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me!"

The lyrics are light hearted enough that you will get a chuckle out of them. And you'll find yourself singing along.

A warning about the first video. The song is good; the video is cheesy beyond belief. I wrote about Teaze last night. It is a good thing that there is little footage of these guys. The hair, the clothes they wore, the whole package, would seek to dilute the pleasure the music provides. This is pretty clear when you see the video for "Turn Up The Radio". My frig, did people really dress like that 25 years ago? Did rock stars behave that way? Really? No kidding? And the special effects? Did they spend more than $19.95 on this video? They clearly spent a lot more on the haircare products than they did on the fx!

The second tune has no video, just pictures of the band. Still cheesy, but tolerable.

Play the tunes. Keep from chuckling when you play the second tune. And thank me.

You know I love you, don't you? Sure you do.


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