Wednesday, September 16, 2009

942nd Post - More Teaze

I don't know how many of you read the comments section of this blog. I sure do. I love getting comments on my posts. I wish I had about ten times as many as I do get. Anyway, my attempt to contact Brian Danter of Teaze seemed to be successful because this afternoon I got a reply comment to post 940 from a friend and professional partner to Mr. Danter. Jael wrote that Danter has a new album coming out in October. I also found out that one of their albums wlll be re-issued shortly. That's great news.

Please, go ahead and read post 940 and the associated comments as well.

I played back the tunes I embedded in post 940, just a few minutes ago. Man, their music still holds up nicely. It's infectious, energetic, clean-sounding stuff. Danter is a fine singer. He was backed up by 3 guys who knew what they were doing. And, 30 and more years later, I am digging their tunes as much as did when I was a teenager.

The only thing that would make my day, my week, my year, maybe even my life, would be if Brian Danter and maybe other guys in the band like Kozak and Price, posted actual comments to these Teaze posts. That would be sweet. Or, even better, if they parked themselves in front of a webcam or two, or had someone shoot video of them with a digital camera, saying "Welcome to Bevboy's Blog" or some such. Then, they could email the files to me at this special email address. Yeah, that would be super sweet.

Is it too much to hope for? I hope not. I see that Jael is following this blog now! Maybe he will contact Danter and the others.

Let's hope something special happens!


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Reg Schofield said...

I agree Bev , the music is still fresh and has a energetic fun factor. You can "bang your head" and play air guitar again ... oops a flashback. Who knows maybe you will get a cool plug. Have a good one.