Thursday, September 17, 2009

943rd Post - The Third Teaze Post!

The last couple of days, I have been getting more and more feedback about Teaze. My boss remembers them well. My buddy from back in the day, Reg, confessed to airguitars; please remember this was years and years before we had things to simulate being a rock star.

I spoke with Ian Robinson last night for a few minutes. I mentioned Teaze to him. He is a packrat as well and told me he saw them in concert a long time ago, back when he had hair. After all of these many years, he still had Teaze concert posters when they played in Sydney, Nova Scotia! I begged him to scan them in and send them to me.

He did, as you can see.

He also has the original "Sweet Misery" 45 rpm. I have asked him to scan in the front and back of those as well. I will post them here.

What possible Teaze posts can you see in the future? Well, if the guys in Teaze wanna say hello, as I wrote here last night, I'd be delighted to post that here as well. I have offered Brian Danter a forum here at Bevboy's Blog whenever he wants it. I am not holding my breath for it to happen, but the offer has been made. And his buddy Jael is following this blog. I am hopeful that he will see these posts, these entreaties to Teaze, and that they will know that there are a number of fans of these great band here in Nova Scotia.

I'll write about something else tomorrow night, like my new mp3 player. Yeah. Maybe. Unless some more Teaze stuff comes up in the meantime!

Cottage tomorrow! Whee!


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