Saturday, September 19, 2009

945th Post - Greetings From Pictou

Hello. I am writing you on the thrice-accursed ASUS EEE pc and using the wifi connection at the town of Pictou library. Patricia is waiting for the top of the hour to sign up and use one 0f the computers here.

I still haven't got the hang of typing on these netbooks. I love the idea of them. Most people don't need a big laptop computer any more; if they're on the road and need a computer, they don't require a multi format media drive, or an expansive hard drive. Some usb ports, a built-in card reader, maybe a webcam, a decent screen, a good keyboard, and they should be happy. Even most road warriors, the ones who do presentations, should be able to do most of what they need to do from a netbook.

I like this computer for websurfing. I don't like it for typing. There are netbook computers that are somewhat bigger than this one that make typing much easier; I wish I had bought one of those. I do a lot of 2 finger typing. It is actually faster and more accurate for me than touch typing.

Anyway, we came into town for breakfast this morning. We decided to come here to check our email. And we're glad we did because a local business is having a trivia night tonight at 7. We may come in for that; we haven't decided yet.

Slept like a dead log last night. There is something about the air here at night that knocks you out. There are no street lights to worry about. It is very quiet. It is pitch dark by 8pm. It is always a bit of a shame to return to the city.

Already planning the 1000th post, which will be in the next 40 days or so. It should be fun. I hope you will like the changes.

Ciao for now.


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