Sunday, September 20, 2009

946th Post - Back To Reality!

I am back in the city. It is nearly 11:30 at night. I get up for work in just over six hours.

I think I'm just working a half day on Monday. AFAIK, I will be interviewing a retired radio broadcaster in the afternoon, so I'm taking a half vacation day. Monday evening, I'll be driving to New Minas to interview a second person.

I am excited over both interviews. The first guy started working in radio in the 1940's. I am honoured that he has tentatively agreed to speak with me. Tomorrow night's interview will be pleasurable too, because it's a fella who's been on the air down there starting in 1990. He has lots of stories to tell about people I listened to back then, people who are undeservedly unheralded.

It means a long, long day for me tomorrow. I'll run the air conditioning tomorrow night on the way back regardless of how cold it may be outside.

Spent another weekend at the cottage. Got to know the new neighbours a bit better today. They are really nice people and they live not a heckuva long distance from me. It's nice to get along with cottage neighbours, especially since we dislike a couple of them already. Safety in numbers.

Ian Robinson shares my Teaze fetish. He scanned in a copy of a Teaze 45, and I'll put that up here Monday morning before I start work. And that will be all I really have to say about Teaze, unless Brian Danter or one of the other guys wants to grant me an interview, or send me a video file saying hi to Bevboy's Blog or something.

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?


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