Monday, September 21, 2009

947th Post - Yawn! Scratch! Sniff!

I should be in bed, and I will be shortly. Just wanted to give a quick run down of the day, which began 18.5 hours ago.

I worked a half day today. This afternoon, I interviewed a retired broadcaster. Keep watching the skies for that interview. That got over shortly after 4pm. From there, I drove to the Annapolis Valley to interview my new friend D.H. for this here silly weblog of mine. Heck, it is Darrin Harvey. It's as if I knew the guy for 10 years. We hit it off really well. You can see his facebook update for the nice plug he gave this blog.

I told him what I have told others: I don't get it, why I am doing these long interviews. Professional writers and journalists should be doing this stuff. It should not fall to a lowly blogger like me to be conducting these interviews. In a perfect world, a writer with a decent book contract and an expense account would be running around the province and talking to these jocks. Instead, I am doing it, and nobody pays my freight. Darrin did give me a nice t-shirt tonight, though. I'll wear it to work on Tuesday.

I now have 3 interviews to transcribe. Come Sunday, it will be 4. Come the 29th, as things stand, it will be 5. And other jocks have expressed an interest in speaking to me. Sorry, but my dance card is full for a bit.

As I left, Darrin did a really decent thing: He thanked me. I asked him what for. He told me it was for doing these interviews and capturing these stories. It was getting dark, so he couldn't see me misting up.

Yeah, I'm gonna keep on doing them. I'm not dead yet.

I'm a Bevboy on a mission!


Wilf Cornell said...

I thank you as well... Wilf Cornell

Bevboy said...

Wilf Cornell! Thanks so much for writing. Darrin speaks very highly of you, and I remember you very well.

Would you like to sit down with me sometime?