Tuesday, September 22, 2009

948th Post - Yet Another Teaze Post!

Yep. Another Teaze post. Ian Robinson sent me these jpeg images a few days ago. I am finally getting around to putting them up now. Thanks, Ian.

"Sweet Misery" was Teaze's biggest hit. They never performed it live, apparently. The song, while written by two of the guys in the band, is not representative of the rest of their work at all. I have always liked the song, and still like it; but it is not like any of the rest of their songs. It has a country flavour to it that you don't find in any of the rest of their tunes. I have always wondered why this song was so atypical of their output. Were they forced to do the song this way? Was it to appease their record label? Or did they want to get a country-like song out of their system so they could rock out?

"On the Loose" is a typical party song that young men like to sing when they're out on the town. Or, rather, they would have sung and thought about 30 years ago when this song was first out! Or, at least, this is what they would have done had they gone out and been familiar with this wonderful band. I was always a homebody, so my party days were not as plentiful as perhaps they could have been. But, I'm not bitter.

I am not sure what else to write about Teaze. I liked these guys a lot back in the day. Their music, what I can find of it on the net at least, holds up very nicely indeed. From what I understand, the guys are all happy and healthy, and that makes me happy for them. I have occasionally wondered over the years what it would have been like to have had the opportunity to experience new Teaze material over the last 28 years or so, how the band's music would have matured along with them. Maybe it's selfish of me to think that, but I have thought it, and if nothing else, I have a right to my feelings and opinions.

I swore to Patricia that I would hit the hay earlier tonight. I was up until midnight the last 2 evenings, and this is something I cannot do every night, lest it take a toll on me. I'll half-watch The Biggest Loser and call it a night.


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