Thursday, September 24, 2009

950th Post - Headache

I have been feeling unwell this evening. I was gonna do Hell and all tonight. Instead, it has been a challenge for me just to freshen the playlist on my mp3 player.

I see that Izzy has lived on "Grey's Anatomy", and that George has died. I guess the big cover article in Entertainment Weekly this summer quoting T.R. Knight as leaving the show was not a clue, was it? I guess not.

Wanna tape Oprah on Friday. It features the aftermath of the MacKenzie Phillips interview from Wednesday. I haven't seen the interview yet. I'll watch it this weekend, I guess. Probably two of the creepiest episodes of that show in a long time.

On Saturday, I have to take my parents shopping. I have been promising to do this for weeks now. I have been at the cottage for the last few weekends, and I think they have missed me. I know this because my father says, "Boy, I miss you!" I am 45 years old and I am still called "Boy". I guess he has never accepted my name as being legit. Can't say as I blame him sometimes.

Shopping with my parents is never a small affair. We leave early in the morning and return mid-afternoon. I am big to snot afterward and have to take a nap. Add Patricia to the mix and you get a very, very long day.

Sunday I interview someone else for the blog.

A busy weekend awaits me.

Think I'll call it a very early night.


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