Saturday, September 26, 2009

952nd Post - A Day With My Parents

We got up early this morning to drive to Port Williams to take my parents shopping. Dad turned out not to be up to it, but Mom was game.

We 3 had lunch at the Port Williams pub. What a nice place. Mom picked at her food a bit; she is not used to the slightly more exotic fare they offer there.

In the afternoon we went to New Minas to get their groceries. Mom wanted to go to Walmart and I indulged her.

We returned to the house around 3:30. We left around 5 and made our way back here. Watched this week's "Supernatural", which was a scream. Dean's reaction to Castiel's attempt to teleport him to Maine was hysterical. "I didn't poop for a week!". It is the best show you're not watching.

Patricia told me she had taped this week's Oprah where she interviewed Mackenzie Phillips. Instead, she recorded a different channel. 3 channels at the cottage and she grabbed the wrong one. What can I say? It is not that difficult, is it?

Off to bed soon. Another interview on Sunday.

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