Monday, October 5, 2009

963rd Post - Interesting Radio News

Found out in the last few minutes that Terry Williams, former program director at C100 and CJCH, is the new program director at the new Lite 92.9 station.

It will be very interesting what Terry does with the new station. Currently, they play quite a few songs that Kool FM plays. The Q plays quite a few songs that Kool FM plays. Kool is getting squeezed by both stations. Add to the the fact that Lisa Patterson of Q104 will join her husband at Lite FM soon, means that there will be some very interesting competition coming up in Halifax, radio-wise.

Funny that Brian Phillips made this announcement on Facebook just now. Be nice if Terry found something for Brian to do on that station. Brian has been off the air for too long now. Nice to see him back where he belongs.


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