Tuesday, October 6, 2009

964th Post - Light Fixtures

As I wrote before, I have begun work on post 1000, which will be coming up sooner rather than later. Probably pretty close to the first of November.

I am pretty jazzed about the changes I have in store for the blog. I look forward to sharing those changes with you at the appropriate time.

It was "meeting day" at work. 3 meetings, if you include the tiresome kick off to the United Way campaign. The entire provincial government is supposed to get behind it. I do. But I know more than a few civil servants openly contemptuous of the whole thing. I have never understood why.

At my previous job, I used to distribute the United Way pledge sheets every year. A thankless task. Literally. One day, a pretty senior manager, would throw his pledge sheet in the garbage right in front of me. Either he didn't like me, or his dislike for the United Way reached epic proportions. Since he could crush me like a little bug, I didn't ask him why he felt that way. Saw that guy today, actually. Not at the kick off campaign!!

Got Chinese food on the way home. Watched "The Good Wife" on tv tonight. Julianna Margulies is a favourite actress of mine. She makes this otherwise boring show, more than tolerable.

Changed the light bulb on my outdoor light this evening. Took me 15 minutes. I have no idea, nor will I ever be able to fathom, why manufacturers make it so awkward to change light bulbs in fixtures. On this one, there are 2 screws, which are not difficult to remove, not since I regularly apply WD-40 to them. I lifted the cap off the fixture and reached in with 3 fingers because my hand is too big to fit in, and unscrewed the offending light bulb. It's hard to do that because I can't grip it well because I only have the use of 3 fingers. It is difficult to pull the old lightbulb out because I can't get my entire hand in there. Replacing it with the new lighbulb is only slightly easier. Then, I spent 5 or 6 minutes screwing the cap back in place. Same complaint.

Did pygmies design this fixture? Was it a make work project for munchkins? Did they not think that a grown man might find it hard to get his hand in there to change the bulb? What were they thinking at all?

If I ran the world...


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